Type 1: “Why did you decide to seek a position in this company?”

  “You are a top company and I am convinced there would be no better place to work. You provide your employees with an open working environment based on team work.”

  Type 2: “Why did you leave your last job?”

  (Hint: Don’t lie and don’t speak badly of your past employer)

  “I felt there was a lack of potential for upward mobility, I needed a more challenging job”

  Type 3: “How would you describe your ability to work in a team?”

  ”As part of my college basketball team I learned we must work together. My individual training in the gym contributed to the team’s overall success. I like a mix, with a group I get the group input, but some projects are done better if just one person is working on them”

  Type 4: “What skills have you developed in your previous roles?”

  “During my internship I worked for a few days in each of the departments of a company. This gave me a great insight into management techniques and how a big organisation works”

  Type 5: “Would you be willing to travel in this job?”

  “I understand that in order to build a good long term relationship with our customers it sometimes necessary to travel. I am more than willing to do this”

  Type 6: “Describe your leadership skills?”

  “It is important to take everyone’s opinion into account and give them the opportunity to excel. My role, as I see it, is organise and get things in order”

  Type 7: “What suggestions do you have for our organisation?”

  “Looking at your website, and comparing it with those of your competitors, I think you should streamline the site and emphasis the recent upgrades to your products”

  Type 8: “What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made?”

  “Taking for granted the huge sacrifices my parents made, so that I could succeed. I now do everything I can to make them proud of me”


  1.Tell me about yourself.




  I really like the hotel industry, I think the hotel is my best friend.


  2.What are your three greatest strengths?

  回答这个问题的时候不可以含混不清,不可以只是简单回答“I’m really organized, punctual and get along well with others.”



  “I think my strongest strengths are aggressive, hard working and communicative.”


  3.What are your three greatest weaknesses?



  4.Why are you interested in working for our hotel?


  因此不要以“It seemed like a good career move”为开始。

  如果能有一些实际问题回答的话,就会更大程度地得分,可以这样回答:“I read an article in the newspaper and was very impressed by……”但是前提是你必须真的对这家酒店作了研究,同时也要注意,不要让面试官觉得你是为了讨好面试官而言过其实,这样只会适得其反。

  5.If we hire you, how long will you stay with us?


  “As long as my position here allows me to learn and to advance at a pace with my abilities.”


  6.Do you have any questions for me?


  应聘者一定要提前准备很多有关这个酒店具体情况的问题,最好能够涉及到他们业务上取得的成绩,比如说:“I learned that your hotel has seen tremendous growth in recent years. I’m keen to know how you made such a success.”






  ①I:what is your major?

  A:My major is Business Administration. I am especially interested in"Marketing".


  ②I:Which university are you attending?

  A:I am attending×××University.

  ③I:Have you received any degrees?

  A:Yes. First, I received my Bachelor degree in English Literature, and then an MBA degree.

  ④I:What course did you like best?

  A:project Management. I was very interested in this course when I was a student. And I think it's very useful for my present work.

  ⑤I:Do you feel that you have received a good general training?

  A:Yes, I have studied in an English train-ing program and a computer training program since I graduated from university. I am currently studying Finance at a training school.


  ①I:Have you ever been employed?

  ②I:Your resume says you have had one-year experience working in a foreign representative office in Shanghai, may I ask why you left?

  A:I worked in a foreign rep.office for one year.However,I left there two years ago because the work they gave me was rather dull.I found another job that is more interesting.

  ③I:Have you done any work in this field?

  ④I:What qualifications do you have that make you feel you will be successful in your field?

  ⑤I:What have you learned from the jobs you have had?

  A:I have learned a lot about business know how and basic office skills. In addition, I learned at my previous job show to cooperate with my colleagues.

  ⑥I:What's you major weak point?

  A:I haven't been involved in international business, so I don't have any experience, but I have studied this course in the International Business Training Center of the×××Company.

  ⑦I:What are your greatest strengths?(实话实说好了,不必客气,但应注意语气和表情,不要给人炫耀之感。)

  ⑧I:please tell me about your working experience.

  ⑨I:Does your present employer know you are looking for another job?

  A:No, I haven't discussed my career plans with my present employer, but I am sure he will understand.


  ①I:How do you spend your spare time?

  ②I:Are you interested in sports?

  ③I:Do you think you are introverted or extroverted?

  ④I:What kind of personality do you think you have?

  A:I always approach things very enthusiastically. When I beg in something, I don't like to leave it halfdone. I can't concentrate on something new until the first thing is finished.

  ⑤I:What is the most important thing for you to be happy?

  A:Different people have different ideas. I think the most important thing for me is having a good relationship with my family members and my friends. My family has always been very closeknit, and my friend sand I spend a lot of time together. Without that I would be much less happy than I am.

  ⑥I:What makes you angry?

  A:Dishonesty. It's unacceptable.

  ⑦I:What are your personal weaknesses?

  A:I'm afraid I'm a poor talker. I'm not comfortable talking with the people whom I have just met for the first time. That is not very good for business, so I have been studying public speaking.

  ⑧I:Are you more of a leader or a follower?

  A:I don't try to lead people. I'd rather cooperate with everybody, and get the job done by working together.


  ①I:Do you think you can make yourself easily understood in English?

  A:Yes, in most circumstances.

  ②I:Are you available for travel?

  A:Yes, I like traveling. I am young, and unmarried. It's no problem for me to travel frequently.

  ③I:How about overtime work?

  A:Overtime work is very common in companies. I can work overtime if it's necessary, but I don't think we will work overtime everyday.

  ④I:How long do you think we can depend on your working here?

  ⑤I:Do you like regular work?

  A:No, I don't like regular work. I am interested in different projects with new opport unities and new challenge, but I can do regular work if the company needs me to do so.

  ⑥I:What salary do you expect

  A:Shall we discuss my responsibilities with your company first?I think salary is closely related to the responsibilities of the job.

  ⑦I:Do you work well under pressure

  A:Working under pressure is exciting and challenging. I don't mind working under pressure. I work well under the secircum stances. people can, I Can.

  ⑧I:Do you have any particular conditions that you would like the company to take into consideration?

  A:No,nothing in particular.

  ⑨I:How soon can you begin working for us?

  A:I need about two to three weeks for necessary formalities. I will quit then transfer to your company.


  ①I:Any questions?

  A:When will I know your decision?

  ②I:How can we get in touch with you?

  ③I:We will notify you of our decision by mail, is this convenient for you?

  ④I:Thank you for your interest in our company.

  A:Thank you, Mr.Smith. Goodbye.(Thank you for your time.)

  ⑤I:You will be hearing from us very soon. please send the next applicantin on your way out.

  A:OK.Thank you very much.