含有 bother 的 10 个重要搭配

  1 . bother to do sth 费心做某事。如:

  You needn’t bother to come up. 你不必费心来了。

  Don’t bother to get dinner for me. 请不必费事为我做饭了。

  注:该结构也可用 bother doing sth 表示。如以上两句也可说成:

  You needn’t bother coming up.

  Don’t bother getting dinner for me.

  2 . bother oneself to do sth 费心做某事。如:

  Don’t bother yourself to answer the letter. 请不必回复此信。

  注:该结构也可用 bother oneself doing sth 表示。如上面一句也可说成:

  Don’t bother yourself answering the letter.

  3 . bother sb to do sth 麻烦某人做某事。如:

  He’s always bothering me to lend him money. 他老是闹着要我借钱给他。

  Don’t bother him to do it for you. 别去麻烦他去为你做这事。

  4 . bother with [about ] sb 关心某人,为某人或某事费心或焦急。如: / 21 / 7)

  They didn’t bother about [with] that. 他们对那件事并不感到焦急。

  He never bother about [with] his children. 他从不关心他的孩子。

  5 . bother sb with [about ] sth 用某事麻烦某人。如:

  Don’t bother him with [about] it now; he’s very busy. 现在不要拿这个去打扰他,他很忙。

  I’m sorry that I have to bother you with [about]this problem. 对不起,我要用这个问题来麻烦你了。

  6 . can ’t be bothered to do sth 不愿为做某事而操心,嫌麻烦而不做某事。如:

  He can’t be bothered to say hello. 他连打声招呼都不肯。

  注:有时用 can’t be bothered with……。如:

  I can’t be bothered with him. 我不会为他操心。

  I can’t be bothered with waiting for a bus; let’s walk. 我不喜欢等公共汽车,咱们走路吧。

  7 . give sb bother 给某人添麻烦。如:

  I didn’t want to give her any bother. 我不想给她添麻烦。

  8 . go to the bother of doing sth 费心做某事。如:

  I’m not going to the bother of writing again. She never writes back. 我不想费心再给他写信了,他从不回信的。

  9 . have bother doing sth 做某事费劲。如:

  Did you have much bother finding his office? 你是不是费了很大的劲才找到他的办公室?

  We had quite a lot of bother getting here because of the fog. 因为有雾,我们费了很大的事才到达这儿。

  10. save sb the bother of doing sth 省得某人麻烦去做某事。如:

  I should have phoned the shop first and saved myself the bother of going there. 我本来应该先给商店打个电话的,这样也就省得我走一趟。